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We are a premium syrup company based in the heart of Oklahoma. Our syrups are purposed for coffee, baking and mixology. Contact us today and let us help you take your program to the next level.

  • Dosing

    Grind espresso into your portafilter. Distribute by lightly tapping the portafilter to level out the grind. Place your tamper over grinded coffee and apply 25 - 30 pounds of pressure (you will feel resistance). Your arm should form an L shape (90 degrees) while positioning to apply pressure, this will allow all the pressure to exert into the puck without straining your wrist.

  • Yielding

    How many grams of espresso are you consistently grinding into your portafilter? We recommend you double that to achieve yield of espresso extracting into your espresso cup. This is known as a 1:2 ratio and it's a healthy starting point to dialing in espresso! Grab a small scale and measure this yield by placing the scale under your espresso glass.

  • Aerating

    This is the key to latte art. Our goal is to achieve a paint like texture at the finish! To achieve this we want to queue our steam wand pivoting the wand in the milk. If you queue at the surface of milk or bottom of pitcher you'll hear a screeching and unbearable noise! Gradually elevate the tip of your wand to the surface of the milk, allowing air bubbles to incorporate. Then gently position wand back in milk while achieving a swirl to equally distribute the air into the steamed milk. This will create a microfoam known for its paint like texture.

  • Passion

    It's okay! None of us got it right the first time. Latte art takes patients and passion and we have an unlimited amount of both - see you soon :)